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Artography is a unique blend of digitally manipulated photography and design. Photos are captured, edited, and creatively blended together through layers and textures in digital software. Each artography piece tells a story through merging the visuals into a cohesive piece.

Each piece of artwork combines between 3 – 10 photographs or more. Textures are fused, brilliant colors come to life, and worlds are skewed and reinvented to create dreamlike landscapes of mountains, oceans, and forests. 


When I began artography27, my main goal was to create personal artwork that would offer a vibrant, interesting, meaningful and “dreamlike” story all within one image.  It all began when I had a vision to create a piece of art that combined my passion for the mountains, the ocean and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  I was also looking for a way to get my “ocean fix” while I’m living in the mountains and not surfing.

I was intrigued by the use of non-traditional printing methods found locally. The use of aluminum for printing contributes to the beauty and depth of the finished piece.

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