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Snowflake Kaleidoscope Silver
Snowflake Kaleidoscope Silver
Treeflake - Winter Bliss
Treeflake - Winter Bliss
Treeflake - Winter Solstice
Treeflake - Balance & Tranquilo
Treeflake - Winter Bliss
Treeflakes - Clarity & Passion
Treeflake - Alpenglow
Treeflakes - Transformation
Treeflake - Compassion
Treeflake - Ice
Snowflake Kaleidoscope Ice
Treeflake - Balance
Treeflakes - Snowy Trees (Circular)


Artistically inspired by the moment, by the feeling of capturing natural beauty unfolding in front of me and by the uniqueness of snowflakes, the “Treeflakes Collection” invites the observer to dream and to fantasize about the idea of a snowflake-shaped forest.  These artworks are created using original photography from locations around the Whistler area. Photos were fused, manipulated, duplicated and layered to create a kaleidoscope effect and a one-of-a-kind artwork that would never be achieved from one photo alone. This blend of aerial and ground photography presents the viewer with a captivating perspective of the forest.  These artworks can be rotated diagonally and/or paired up with complimenting pieces.

MEDIUM: Dye-sublimation ChromaLuxe aluminum print.

PHOTOS: A fusion of multiple images from the Whistler, Soo River Valley, Cheakamus Valley and Sea to Sky area.


Limited Editions of 27


Size Options:

20x20 - $900
24x24 - $1100

36x36 - $1750

44x44 - $2700

47x47 - $3200

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