This is always my recommended finish as it truly sets apart the artwork from any other medium.  About 95% of the artworks get printed on aluminum gloss. The style is vibrant, modern, elegant and has an amazing depth of colour.  Dyes are infused directly "into"  (rather than "onto") specially coated aluminum sheets providing colours that are unmatched in depth and clarity. There are reflections that do not so much block the image as they do on glass in front of an artwork, but rather they appear to exist behind the surface adding another element to the experience of the piece. The impact that this medium has is incredible! People's reactions to this medium are "wow"!   For lighting, It is most ideal to have gallery style lighting from above.

• Outstanding Archival Stability
• Print up to 96"x 48"

• Ready and easy to hang
• Stain Resistant

• Lightweight, with float mount brackets and 'z-clips' supplied

• Suitable for Long-Term Outdoor Display​
Aluminum is Recycled

Using the Epson inkset, ChromaLuxe achieved a Wilhelm Display Permanence Rating of 65 years. The rating is equal to the number of years before any noticeable fading and/or changes in color balance occur at a high level of light. Under normal lighting conditions, the manufacturers expect ChromaLuxe metal prints to last more than 100 years.



We only use Aluminum "Silver" Finish for specific artworks, as it is part of the art itself.  Rather than a white base, the aluminum itself shows through the highlights creating a very unique effect. It will show through some of the silver aluminum base, which becomes part of the artwork design. The aluminum surface is perfectly smooth, not 'brushed' aluminum and has a glossy finish. 

Some of the artworks that use this medium are:
"Crystal Magic"


"Nosara Sparkle"
"Whispering Trees"


Matte finish is perfect for when there are just too many windows or light sources where the aluminum print is to be hung, so that it's impossible to view from any position without reflections interfering with your appreciation of the image. Matte finish will at least subdue those problematic reflections whilst retaining some of the sparkle, depth and saturation that the gloss gives you.  The style is elegant, smooth, modern and still has an amazing impact on the viewer with less gloss reflection than the HD deep gloss finish.  The same elegant presentation gives the impression of a perfectly flat sheet of paper floating off the wall.



Acrylic Prints are made with a 1/8" - 1/4" thick 99.9% optically pure acrylic.  The depth can be customized up to 1" thick.  The back of the print is protected with a stability board for extra longevity and protection against moisture and handling.  The edges can be left as a machine edge, or can be upgraded and polished to a crystal clear sheen, so that light refracts from the edges, creating a seamless image reflection from face to edge. For acrylic glass facemount printing, cost will increase from 15% - 25% depending on the finish choices.  A quote will be provided.


Several artworks in the collections are suitable to print on wood. Please enquire! Wood Prints are made from Canadian birch wood and loaded with subtle wood grain character, making no two prints the same! The artwork is printed with UV inks directly onto the 1/2" thick wood surface creating a beautiful, warm, and organic feel.  The hardwood is extremely durable, resulting in a unique piece of artwork made to last.  Please note that there are set sizes available up to 24"x48".



Beautiful, classic and timeless!  Canvas comes in smooth and satin finish and is hand-stretched with standard 'museum wrap' edges (the border taped with deep black which wraps around the side of the wooden stretcher).  Canvas prints can stand alone without framing, making it a cost-effective option at larger sizes.  Canvas is also laminated to protect them from UV light, moisture and abrasion.